New Products Just Arrived

How We Got Started

After a holiday visit in Providence, Rhode Island and meeting up with my old next door neighbor, who was ranting about this olive oil store she likes to visit, we went to the store. Well two hours and two bags full later, I too was convinced.

Fusions Taster's Choice is the first Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar store in Delaware  and we are offering quality products to woo your palate. Fusions Taster’s Choice is the first store in Delaware that carries Ultra-Premium certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is the highest standard of olive oil in the world. Certified as ultra-premium 14 months from the time of crush, representing the strictest “Best if used by date” in the industry. Crush refers to the date the olives were crushed and prepared for sale. We are able to provide ultra-traceability from the tree to bottle including country of origin, crush date and chemical analysis as measured at time of crush. Additional information can be found on

Since we are a Tasting Center, you are the deciding factor in your selection of oils/vinegars. The store is designed to introduce quality oils from around the world and to assist in finding the right fit for your palate.  You are encouraged to sample individual items and also to indulge in the daily pairings of vinegars/oils. Season salts, jams and other items are also available.

You are invited to "Taste the Experience and Experience the Taste",  I like to say "It's the best you never had, until you try it".