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Coratina (Uruguay) - Robust


Robust Intensity

This outstanding example of Coratina from Uruguay is intensely herbaceous and grassy with notes of green almond & cinnamon. High in phenolic content, this beautiful oil displays complex green fruit characteristics and a nice pepper finish. Bold and Tuscan in style. A favorite for the olive oil connoisseur…

        *Polyphenols:  390ppm           *FFA: 0.20

*Oleic Acid:  77.1                     *Peroxide: 4.0

                                 *DAGs: 93.8                            *PPP: <1.0



Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:

Fruitiness: 5.5   Bitterness: 3.0   Pungency: 6.0

*As measured at the time of crush.


Country of Origin:  Uruguay